Recollections Water color Markers-bold point brush tip



Today I decided to try something new.   Recollections water-color markers with my stamps.  I have never actually used water colors or the water color markers.  I have seen work that I think is beautiful where people have used them.  It made me want to try. I bought these markers at Michael’s Craft Store using a 50% off coupon which made them a good deal for a first timer like me.  I love flowers and butterflies.  I took out one of my favorite butterfly stamps and went to town coloring.  That is when things went south lol.

Water color markers3

OH DEAR! DON’T LAUGH!! okay you can laugh. I admit I did. lol


I butchered the poor pretty butterfly,  but I didn’t give up!!!  I washed my stamp off and tried again after watching a few tutorials.  I was determined to make a pretty butterfly.  TRY being the keyword..  I tried two more times…  Still  I didn’t quite get it and then by the 3rd try I was thinking THAT IS CLOSER.

This was my 2nd and 3rd try.

water color markers2

So off to the sink to wash my stamps I went AGAIN.

This time I sat down and tried something a bit different which seemed to work better for me. That something was wetting the stamp only and not the paper.  It gave me a better stamp. I was doing both before.  Then I tried wetting just the paper but I didn’t like how it made the paper look.  ( I was not using water-color paper) Which I know would affect it but I don’t always have that on hand.  So I just colored my stamp and used the water pen to wet the inked stamp.  This was my end result.

Water color markers

In the end I tried a flower for practice.  I really do like the affect and I will continue to try to master this technique.  Helpful hints and pointers always welcome!!!! =)

Happy Weekend everyone!