Busy Busy Week -Much needed Break

This week has been a bit crazy for me.  We are experiencing a crazy heat wave.  Temps have been anywhere from 96 to 106 which is very unusual for Southern California.  I am ready for my normal weather.  This heat has been unbearable.  It was affecting my creativity!!!!!!!!!

I am moving to a new store and had to say goodbye to a store I have been a part of for 12 years.   The amazing associates had a nice going away for me and I will miss them all.  A totally Emotional day!



This week I was late on everything.  I was late on my Newsletter.  I was late on my normal weekly blog post.  I am still playing catch up.  Luckily I have one more day off  to do it.   I managed to find time today to complete a few projects.

A cute coffee sign.  =)


A fun rustic Hot Cocoa Christmas sign,

a cocoa


A Pretty Pumpkin table decor

a pumpkin

2 Christmas Wreaths,



Hmmmm Looking at it now.  I might be late getting everything done this week but I did manage to be productive after all.  I even managed to get my newsletter out.  I hope you all enjoyed my projects for this week.    I am behind on reading everyone blogs.  I plan to try to catch up tomorrow over coffee. Hopefully this heat will ease.

See you guys then.  Have a fabulous day.