OMGOSH FALL is coming =)

MY absolute favorite time of the year….. =)

But most of y’all knew that.   =) ❤ ❤ ❤

Guess what I have been doing?    Uh huh you guessed it!!! Making fall pretties. =)   I am super excited to share my makes with you.   I hope y’all love them.

This pretty little fall basket.

a small fall 2

Up next two unique fun wreaths.  Each one full of beautiful fall colors.

These next two were my favorites.  They scream fall. =)

a new fall8

a fall decor8

a orange


a gather wreath4

I hope y’all enjoyed my makes for this past week.  I enjoyed making them.  I so LOVE fall and I am so looking forward to its arrival.

Have a fabulous week everyone..

Until next time.

Tammy =)

Fall Fall Fall

Fall is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for.    The colors are so gorgeous and pretty.  That is only part of why I love Fall.  The weather starts cooling down and you can start using the fireplace.  What is not to love about fall?

Last night I was out to dinner and decided to stop into my favorite craft store.  I was Super excited to see all the holiday items out already!  Halloween,  Fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  What started out as a quick stop for ribbon turned into a basket filled with fall floral.   Needless to say since last night I have been on a creation frenzy.

This week I found some really cool buys that saved me tons of money.  I have been wanting to replace this recliner in my house as well as an older chair that I seldom use anymore.  So I started looking around.  I am excited to share my awesome finds.

First up is this really pretty tray that I found for $4 =) Color me happy


I was given these little white tiles.  Thank goodness I am a crafty person.  I was able to create a pretty set of coasters out of them.  I love beach decor.  This is how they turned out.  Free =)


Next up Replacing those old chairs.  I found these amazing chairs (set of 2) on a 2nd hand find website that my sister got me hooked on.  I think I was lucky to find them. I got the pair of them for $50.  They were in amazing shape.  So I just cleaned them.


My favorite find.  A beautiful white Hutch.  Super gorgeous condition.  Such good condition I didn’t have to do anything to it except change a lightbulb. =) At a whopping $135 it was a steal.  That cabinet has brightened up my entire living room. I fell completely in love with it when I saw it.


Soooooooo all that money I spent on Fall floral,   I am justifying by how much I saved on all those pieces of furniture.  I think that’s a fair trade off.  Which will now bring you to my projects this week.  My fall floral Frenzy make a thon.  I hope you enjoy them!!!







a floral1

Are you all just as ready for fall as I am? Fall  is the start of my favorite Holiday season.  =) I hope you all had a nice visit.

Until next time!

xoxoxo Tam

Pretty Fall Florals

Last week I showed you some pretty pots and tins that I loved.  Well this week I was inspired to make this…..





I absolutely love fall. It is probably my favorite time of year.  All those bright happy colors.  So once I started I couldn’t stop and I ended up making several more items.  What is your favorite time of year?

A fall12a fall4a flower


I was very busy! I am Happy with all my projects and the way they turned out.  Seeing all those bright colors make me smile.  They remind me that the Holidays are fast approaching.  Time for extra family and extra family gatherings.  Quality time.

xoxoxox Everyone!

Tam @ Crafty Boutique By Tam