OMGOSH FALL is coming =)

MY absolute favorite time of the year….. =)

But most of y’all knew that.   =) ❤ ❤ ❤

Guess what I have been doing?    Uh huh you guessed it!!! Making fall pretties. =)   I am super excited to share my makes with you.   I hope y’all love them.

This pretty little fall basket.

a small fall 2

Up next two unique fun wreaths.  Each one full of beautiful fall colors.

These next two were my favorites.  They scream fall. =)

a new fall8

a fall decor8

a orange


a gather wreath4

I hope y’all enjoyed my makes for this past week.  I enjoyed making them.  I so LOVE fall and I am so looking forward to its arrival.

Have a fabulous week everyone..

Until next time.

Tammy =)

Fall Fall Fall

Fall is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for.    The colors are so gorgeous and pretty.  That is only part of why I love Fall.  The weather starts cooling down and you can start using the fireplace.  What is not to love about fall?

Last night I was out to dinner and decided to stop into my favorite craft store.  I was Super excited to see all the holiday items out already!  Halloween,  Fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  What started out as a quick stop for ribbon turned into a basket filled with fall floral.   Needless to say since last night I have been on a creation frenzy.

This week I found some really cool buys that saved me tons of money.  I have been wanting to replace this recliner in my house as well as an older chair that I seldom use anymore.  So I started looking around.  I am excited to share my awesome finds.

First up is this really pretty tray that I found for $4 =) Color me happy


I was given these little white tiles.  Thank goodness I am a crafty person.  I was able to create a pretty set of coasters out of them.  I love beach decor.  This is how they turned out.  Free =)


Next up Replacing those old chairs.  I found these amazing chairs (set of 2) on a 2nd hand find website that my sister got me hooked on.  I think I was lucky to find them. I got the pair of them for $50.  They were in amazing shape.  So I just cleaned them.


My favorite find.  A beautiful white Hutch.  Super gorgeous condition.  Such good condition I didn’t have to do anything to it except change a lightbulb. =) At a whopping $135 it was a steal.  That cabinet has brightened up my entire living room. I fell completely in love with it when I saw it.


Soooooooo all that money I spent on Fall floral,   I am justifying by how much I saved on all those pieces of furniture.  I think that’s a fair trade off.  Which will now bring you to my projects this week.  My fall floral Frenzy make a thon.  I hope you enjoy them!!!







a floral1

Are you all just as ready for fall as I am? Fall  is the start of my favorite Holiday season.  =) I hope you all had a nice visit.

Until next time!

xoxoxo Tam