Non Holiday Crafting

I decided to work on some items that are not holiday related.  =) I enjoyed taking a break from holiday creations and flowers.   Instead I created some cute signs.  I love making signs.  They really are fun and so versatile.

This one drew me because I absolutely love the message.

a blog2

I am super partial to coffee signs too =) So I made a few.   They are absolutely true!!!!  I know coffee sure makes me feel better.  It is my guilty pleasure.

a blog3

a blog4

How about these little farmhouse signs.

a Blog

Teacher Appreciation day is coming up soon.   Last year I did very well with these giftable items.  They can be customized with most teacher names.  I love items of appreciation.

a blog10

In the middle of working away I had play time with the puppykids.   They enjoy being outside.  Their favorite thing to do is root around in the grass and smell things.

Everyone that has read past posts about my Dog babies know that Miss Daisy HATES to be photographed.  Sometimes she lets me know it.

a blog8

MMmhmmm STOP Taking pics of me mom.

I think she showed me! lol.

I hope you all enjoyed the post.   I am always happy to have you all here.

Until next time.

Tam =)

Busy Busy Week -Much needed Break

This week has been a bit crazy for me.  We are experiencing a crazy heat wave.  Temps have been anywhere from 96 to 106 which is very unusual for Southern California.  I am ready for my normal weather.  This heat has been unbearable.  It was affecting my creativity!!!!!!!!!

I am moving to a new store and had to say goodbye to a store I have been a part of for 12 years.   The amazing associates had a nice going away for me and I will miss them all.  A totally Emotional day!



This week I was late on everything.  I was late on my Newsletter.  I was late on my normal weekly blog post.  I am still playing catch up.  Luckily I have one more day off  to do it.   I managed to find time today to complete a few projects.

A cute coffee sign.  =)


A fun rustic Hot Cocoa Christmas sign,

a cocoa


A Pretty Pumpkin table decor

a pumpkin

2 Christmas Wreaths,



Hmmmm Looking at it now.  I might be late getting everything done this week but I did manage to be productive after all.  I even managed to get my newsletter out.  I hope you all enjoyed my projects for this week.    I am behind on reading everyone blogs.  I plan to try to catch up tomorrow over coffee. Hopefully this heat will ease.

See you guys then.  Have a fabulous day.