What to do with PVC Butterflies

I had this idea in my head that I wanted to do a black and white butterfly wreath.  I wanted it to be black and white.   I went in search of butterflies in black and white and I was able to find some pretty PVC ones on Ebay.

I am trying to use up some of my craft supplies because they are starting to burst at the seams and spill over into areas I do not want them to be.   I happened to have this embroidery hoop.  I pulled out my paints and painted it white.  Once it was dry I made a bow and of black  and white ribbons and attached some white flowers.  I then started applying some black and white butterflies in various positions around the wreath.

I think the end result was super cute and I think it would be a pretty decoration for a childs room or teen.  What do y’all think?   I am looking forward to hearing from you.

butterfly wreath2butterfly wreathbutterfly wreath1


I hope y’all enjoyed my out of the box wreath!

See you next time,


Bee Happy =)

a bee

So these little critters and the sign below inspired me to make something a bit different then my normal designs.  Aren’t they fun?

a bee sign

Those cute little metal bee’s and that fun little sign had sunflowers written all over it.  So I played around with it until I had it arranged just right.  This wreath screams summer! It is so fun and bright!  Makes me happy just looking at it.  I sure hope you all like it.

It also inspired me to create a new header for my shop and blog.

A New banner

Yellow and Summer just seems to go together.   I would love to hear what inspired all you this week.  =)

Until next time have a fabulous week!

Tam =)

The Welcoming Wreaths

a b wreath4

I don’t know about y’all but I am super picky when it comes to flowers.  I am especially drawn to flowers that have a real feel or look to them.   That is how I feel about these orchids.  They are so pretty!   I showed you guy’s some a few weeks back with my seashell and orchid wreath.  (still my favorite)  Today I decided to use them in a different way.  I had this pretty glass terrarium ornament and I have been holding it waiting on the perfect flowers to pair with it.   I am happy to report that I think I found the right flowers.  A happy mix of orchids, succulents, and that big pinkish flowers is an Anemone.  I love the unique feel of this wreath.

a purple5

This wreath is so soft and flirty..   I want to call this wreath,  The many shades of purple. It is so pretty and feminine.    I absolutely love all the shades of purple in this.  It really does make a stunning wreath!


Yes I know!!!!! I love farmhouse and Shabby chic styles.  I do not think I am the only ones though.

I was asked to make a gift for a first communion.  I created a shadow box memory frame.   This is how it turned out.  I think it’s quite pretty,  What a challenge this piece was for me.  I was excited to tackle it though.

Michelles first2

My customer order for 6 centerpieces also went out this week.    Overall it’s definitely been a busy few weeks for me.  I had fun doing them.

I would love to hear about what you are working.  Feel free to drop a link to your projects and share them.  I love seeing all the pretty creative projects.

Until next time!!

Tam =)

1st week of April

This week I have had difficulty balancing work and life.  So my makes this week are few and far between.  I was able to squeeze in a few makes.  I hope you guys enjoy them and I hope to be better on track this next week.  This week I made 2 wreaths.

I used some ivy vine greenery and cabbage roses in one and attached a handmade burlap bow.  I think the Greenery and the roses make a stunning combination.


The 2nd wreath I used Hydrangea with a touch of pink in them and added some cabbage roses.  I absolutely love the greenery in this.  It adds a southern charm feel to it.

I hope you enjoyed my makes this week.  I hope to have more to show you next week.  Until then have a fabulous week!!!!! =)

Tam =)

Classic beauty

Today I started with a bunch of beautiful flowers and greenery.   I wanted to make something less holiday and more classic.

a bunch

I started with this container that I had bought a few weeks back.  I tend to hold things until I find just the right things to put into them.  When I received these pretty champagne roses I knew I wanted to use this container =) As well as a gold vase that I just loved. ( I forgot to take a pic of it beforehand =).

a classic8


I started arranging my flowers and this is the creations I came up with.

a classic1a classic

a classic3a classic4


I still had some flowers left  and decided I wanted to do a wall hanging.   Sticking with my theme I was able to come up with a very timeless piece.

a classic6a classic7

I hope you all enjoyed your visit today and my projects.

Have a fabulous day everyone!!! See you next time!