Inspiration for Fall


Today I was out shopping at one of my favorite craft stores.  They were already for fall and were in the process of putting out Christmas.  All I could think is OMG Christmas alreadyyyyyyyyyy.. ..It seemed so early  but then I was distracted by all these pretty things I can put flowers into.  They were 50% off too!!!! SCORE!   I just love them.  So I am thinking these lovely things will inspire some really pretty fall floral arrangements.   The small white drawer inspired me to make this…..



I love the cottage farmhouse vibe these give off.  Its one my favorite styles.

I have actually been inspired a lot this week.  I have been working hard on new pretty things like these…..



Earlier in the week I was inspired to make these…



I hope you all enjoyed my latest creations.  Have a fabulous week.  Once I decide what I am putting into all those awesome containers I will let you all know!!!


Beautiful Pops of Color

My little pops of color flower arrangements.

I have this love of flowers.  I really enjoy working with them.  When I saw these little clay pots I knew I had to try making small arrangements in them.  I love the versatility of these little arrangements.  They are pretty and great for bookcase decorating, shelving,  a breakfast nook,  maybe a bathroom, a vanity,  they are lovely anywhere that you would need a small pop of color.  There are many sizes of clay pots.  They make great as gifts suitable for almost any occasion.

My favorite sizes to use for making flower arrangements are the small and the medium sizes.  They can be found in craft stores or in your local garden shop.   I used  2″ styrofoam balls for the insides.  Pick your favorite flowers and arrange to your tastes.  Finish with a simple ribbon wrapped around them then tied into a bow.

Perfect for a pop of color.

Thanks for stopping by!!  Have a lovely day everyone!

Tammy =)

Clay Pot Flower Arrangements

apple pot1

Lately I have been on a flower kick.  I had all these cute little clay pots and wanted to do something fun with them.  I decided to paint them all various colors and then make flower arrangements in them. =)  The butterfly pot was already painted.  These were the results. I love how they came out.  Pretty and colorful and great for many gift giving occasions.

rose butterfly2butterfly floral5clay flower3dark blue3Love flower


Farmhouse cottage delight! =)a2

Watering Can Beauty

watering can flower1


I hope you all have a fabulous day!

Tammy =)