Nursery Dream Catchers

My sister is pregnant.  Yes yes yes I am very excited to be an Aunt again.  I love being Aunt.  I love all my nieces and nephews and spend as much time as I can with them.  It is hard to do at times with all of us in different states.  I cherish all moments I can spend with them.

Last night my sister texted me and asked if I could make a white, teal, and pale pink dream catcher.  I replied, of course I can.  I will get right on it.  That is exactly what I did today.

A Bohobaby

a bohobaby1

Such an easy pretty thing to make.

-Emboirdery hoop

-paint (to paint the hoop)

-crochet doily (use the string to attach it firmly not loosely)

-String to attach doily ( I used a nylon thread)

-Ribbons of your choice

-Embelishments of your choice (flowers, feathers, beads)

-Hot glue

I hope you all enjoyed my make today!




Breast Cancer Awareness

I was asked to create a Breast Cancer Awareness Dream Catcher for a Co-Worker.  I was very excited to do this project.  I had all these ideas.  So I got out all my supplies and began creating.

breast cancer2


Did you know?  Breast Cancer is one of the most common cancers in females.

  • Each year in the United States alone, more than 200,000 women get breast cancer and more than 40,000 women die from the disease.

It’s very important to make people aware and to get routine checkups!!!!

I hope  y’all love my creation.

breast cancer3


Tam @ Crafty Boutique By Tam


A Boho Birthday =) Follow up

A few weeks ago I posted the decorations I had made for my nieces 8th birthday party.   It turned out to be a hit!  They loved the decorations.  We had the best time.

Here is the birthday girl.  Miss Claire!

boho birthday4

That smile is priceless!  Sweet girl!

Here is a few more looks at the decorations. =)


They really loved the cupcakes lol and dont mind the mess we were in party mode =)

And blue lipstick is apparently the rage when you eat blue frosted cupcakes.boho birthday7

We played twister and had silly fun.

boho birthday 8

Then we made the DREAM CATCHERS. OMG who knew that pipe cleaners were so much fun.  This was the hit of the day!.

Then they made me a headband =)  Over look my tired eyes I was still jet lagged.


The finished Dream catchers.  I just love these girls.


We had a fantastic day.   I love my family! =)


I hope you guys enjoyed the party as much as we did!


Have a fabulous day,


BOHO Birthday Decorations-Handmade

boho paper3

My Niece turns 8 this month.    I am going home (Texas) this year and will actually get to be there close enough to her birthday to give her a birthday party.   I decided on the BOHO theme.   I am making banners and cupcake topper’s.  I am also going to create  a bunch of cut outs so that the kids can make their own dream catchers.

This is a great link with a bunch of different ideas to create dream catchers.  All kid friendly.

Lots of great ideas.  I took from all of them.   I purchased the following items.

embroidery hoops (consumer crafts has the size I wanted 3 for $1.00)

-Yarn (I chose pink, blue, white)

-pipe cleaners ( all colors and styles)



-On my cricut, I cut out a bunch of shapes.  Butterflies, hearts, stars, arrows, musical notes,  etc.

I purchased enough supplies for 18 kids (more than enough) for about $30.  I think it will provide tons of fun for the kids.

I then chose my Paper for my decorations.  =)


I went to designing on my Cricut and off to cutting  I went.   I cut out banner shapes, tepee shapes, and mini dream catchers.  I used some pretty boho stickers and some matching birthday embellishments as well as some gold glittery ribbons.  The end result was some pretty banners and cupcake topper’s.


Now all I need to do is add some pretty balloons, cupcakes, kids food.  All party ready.  I am excited to have this party. I will have to share the dream catchers that the kids create.

Thanks for visiting everyone!

Have a fabulous day!!!


It’s a Beautiful Day and a Promise kept!



It’s a beautiful day here.  Spring seems to have rolled right on in and I am loving this weather.  Now I just need a vacation so I can really enjoy it!!.   ::Sighs  I will just have to wait until the end of the month for that though.

spring 1


I promised I would share the custom dream catcher.  It is finished and it is being shipped tomorrow.  I am in LOVE with it.  It turned out way better than I even imagined.  I sure hope they love it!.


I also made the one below.  A birthday gift.  Equally pretty but smaller.  I just love them both.


BTW I am getting super excited for the Stamp and Scrapbooking Expo.  My first one ever.  I Plan to have a ton of fun with my friend exploring that to the fullest.  Hopefully I will have lots of cool fun things to talk about.


Until next time I hope everyone has a fabulous day! =)