A Coastal Wreath


So I found this awesome wreath form.  I wanted to make a coastal wreath for my home.  I had these really pretty large starfish, sand dollars  and I had these beautiful smaller seashells that I gathered from my trips to the beach.   I laid out all my supplies and started figuring out how I wanted to place them.  I LOVE the Lilly’s with the seashells.  They really are a striking combination.  Overall I absolutely love how it turned out.

I have to tell you though.  After I got it all made I hung it on my china cabinet by the little twine hangar that came with the wreath. I should have knows better.  That darn wreath’s hanger broke and it fell landing on my toes. Ugghhhhh and let me tell you it HURT but all I could think of in between limping and grabbing it up was please don’t break my seashells!!!!!! … thankfully.. I chipped ONE shell on the side.   I ended up with a bruised toe and some minor swelling that I put ice on.  So all is well and now I have it hanging by the wood on a heavy-duty hanger.  No more accidents. =)

a coastal wreath3

I hope y’all like it!  Until Next time!

Have a great week,



Beach Day

Huntington Beach has a dog beach.    Today I took the dogs out for a beach day.   All in all it was a good day.  My little dogs love going for walks and love the outdoors.  They do not however love the water.  Getting into the water is out of the question.   It was a super nice morning.  It was overcast but not overly cold and it was definitely not as windy as usual.  This made for a very nice day.

a beach day8

Because the tide was low I was able to really find some nice seashells.   All sizes and styles.

I was so excited to actually have found sand dollars.   First time ever!!!!!

a seashell3

I love to make beach art.  Some with my finds.  Some are not.   The Seashells in this wreath were all part of the finds from my last trip to the beach.  I love how they play against the orchids.

a sea6


a beach art1

All in all a very good day for everyone!

Fun filled and relaxing.  I hope you all enjoyed your day and enjoyed your visit.  I sure love having you visit.

Have a fabulous day!!! Until next time.