The Welcoming Wreaths

a b wreath4

I don’t know about y’all but I am super picky when it comes to flowers.  I am especially drawn to flowers that have a real feel or look to them.   That is how I feel about these orchids.  They are so pretty!   I showed you guy’s some a few weeks back with my seashell and orchid wreath.  (still my favorite)  Today I decided to use them in a different way.  I had this pretty glass terrarium ornament and I have been holding it waiting on the perfect flowers to pair with it.   I am happy to report that I think I found the right flowers.  A happy mix of orchids, succulents, and that big pinkish flowers is an Anemone.  I love the unique feel of this wreath.

a purple5

This wreath is so soft and flirty..   I want to call this wreath,  The many shades of purple. It is so pretty and feminine.    I absolutely love all the shades of purple in this.  It really does make a stunning wreath!


Yes I know!!!!! I love farmhouse and Shabby chic styles.  I do not think I am the only ones though.

I was asked to make a gift for a first communion.  I created a shadow box memory frame.   This is how it turned out.  I think it’s quite pretty,  What a challenge this piece was for me.  I was excited to tackle it though.

Michelles first2

My customer order for 6 centerpieces also went out this week.    Overall it’s definitely been a busy few weeks for me.  I had fun doing them.

I would love to hear about what you are working.  Feel free to drop a link to your projects and share them.  I love seeing all the pretty creative projects.

Until next time!!

Tam =)


Farmhouse and Something different

a wallflower10

This week I finally put to good use the Rustic metal tin I found at that craft fair months ago.  When I saw it I knew I wanted to use Sunflowers.  I absolutely love blues with the brightness of the sunflowers.  They make a stunning combination.  What do y’all think?

This week has been busy with special custom orders.  I made 6 arrangements for a custom order.  They turned out beautifully.  Now I just need some good packing materials and I can get my order completed.


I was also asked to make a shadow box frame for a y young child’s first communion.  I am excited to it.   I will post some pics of that once it’s completed.  So far I have the shadow box frame and a cross picked out that I plan to customize.

As you all know I have a love for farmhouse decor.  It’s so pretty.  This week I made a few arrangements in this category to add to shop.

a beauta beaut1

I found these swags and its been years since I made a swag. I used to use dried flowers until I got the worst hay fever you could imagine from them.  lol Needless to say I will stick to pretty silk flowers.  I made 3.  I hope y’all love them.

a beaut4a beaut3a beaut2

I then tried something totally out of the box.  Let me know what you think of this geometric tablecape.

a beaut6a beaut5

It was a big week in the makes department.  I hope you all like them.  Thank  you for visiting.  I love hearing from you.

Until next time.

Tam ❤

1st week of April

This week I have had difficulty balancing work and life.  So my makes this week are few and far between.  I was able to squeeze in a few makes.  I hope you guys enjoy them and I hope to be better on track this next week.  This week I made 2 wreaths.

I used some ivy vine greenery and cabbage roses in one and attached a handmade burlap bow.  I think the Greenery and the roses make a stunning combination.


The 2nd wreath I used Hydrangea with a touch of pink in them and added some cabbage roses.  I absolutely love the greenery in this.  It adds a southern charm feel to it.

I hope you enjoyed my makes this week.  I hope to have more to show you next week.  Until then have a fabulous week!!!!! =)

Tam =)

Such a great blog!

Such a fun blog from a lovely person.  I hope you all enjoy it and get as much laughs as I do from it!..  =) Enjoy!!!! Tam

Some of you will recall that I’ve posted ‘Craft Living with Anne and Malcolm’ twice before, and so know that all the photos/pictures are all about having a bit of a giggle about something(s) that you might have normally not noticed about a craft inspired photograph. If you haven’t seen the firs two of these […]

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Sunflower lovers and more…

A blessed

I absolutely love sunflowers. They are one of my favorite flowers.   I have a few projects lined up that I want to make using sunflowers.   Todays post is all about sunflowers.

a gather3

I think I am drawn to the color  They are so happy and cheery. They are bright and scream summer.  They also make beautiful rustic farmhouse decor.

a farmhouse3

A Sunny

I also found these beautiful berries and decided I wanted to make patriotic summer wreaths out of them.  These are the end results.   Red, white, and blue. Who would have thought blueberries, raspberries and white flowers could look so patriotic!!!!

a patriot3

I made a few more signs.

A best friend


I love this classroom sign for teachers.  Customizable.

a teacher sign8

That =) is this weeks makes.  I hope you all enjoyed them.   I look forward to hearing from you.  Have a fabulous week!! until next time.


Tam =)