Beautiful Pops of Color

My little pops of color flower arrangements.

I have this love of flowers.  I really enjoy working with them.  When I saw these little clay pots I knew I had to try making small arrangements in them.  I love the versatility of these little arrangements.  They are pretty and great for bookcase decorating, shelving,  a breakfast nook,  maybe a bathroom, a vanity,  they are lovely anywhere that you would need a small pop of color.  There are many sizes of clay pots.  They make great as gifts suitable for almost any occasion.

My favorite sizes to use for making flower arrangements are the small and the medium sizes.  They can be found in craft stores or in your local garden shop.   I used  2″ styrofoam balls for the insides.  Pick your favorite flowers and arrange to your tastes.  Finish with a simple ribbon wrapped around them then tied into a bow.

Perfect for a pop of color.

Thanks for stopping by!!  Have a lovely day everyone!

Tammy =)

Clay Pot Flower Arrangements

apple pot1

Lately I have been on a flower kick.  I had all these cute little clay pots and wanted to do something fun with them.  I decided to paint them all various colors and then make flower arrangements in them. =)  The butterfly pot was already painted.  These were the results. I love how they came out.  Pretty and colorful and great for many gift giving occasions.

rose butterfly2butterfly floral5clay flower3dark blue3Love flower


Farmhouse cottage delight! =)a2

Watering Can Beauty

watering can flower1


I hope you all have a fabulous day!

Tammy =)

My Hometown is Canton, Texas



This weekend I was sitting at my work desk and was working on getting together a promotion for my Etsy shop.  When I glanced at my facebook.  One of my high school friends had made a post that read Whew, that was scary! When asked what? She replied tornado.  My blood pressure instantly rose.  I started grabbing for my phone.  I called my parents. No answer.  Then my sister. No answer, Finally the 3rd call was my other sister (okay one located (out of town) along with my pretty sweet niece whose 7).  She knew my parents were in the storm shelter for sure but she has not heard from them in a while.  All the while I am watching THIS HUGE tornado tear a path through Canton. She was unsure where my other sister and her husband were.   We hung up and I was just about to try and start calling again (15 min had maybe passed) when the sister I had just hung up with called me back. I am driving home.  Its gonna take me over an hour to get there but its bad. She stated she had finally gotten through to them and they were in the path of the tornado.  My parents luckily were on the edge.  They did lose the roof off their sunroom and a portion of the bedroom closet and some random tree’s but they were fine.  My sister’s house however, had taken a direct hit. It ripped the roof off their 2 story house and tore the car port up and sent it flying into my brothers in-laws truck.  The barn was destroyed.  The horses were scattered (all found fine). All the while they are taking shelter in the bathroom on the 1st floor.  The houses behind them 200 yards were leveled.   It was such a high tense scary situation.   In all our years in Texas we have never experienced anything like this.  I can not imagine what they went through.  I know what I went through.  Waiting, the not knowing.  I do know one thing.  In the end.  It’s not about possessions.  It’s about people.  I am very thankful that my family was okay and unhurt. They were being looked after that is for sure.   We can rebuild and replace items.  I have seen such humanity come from this.  It makes my heart happy to see everyone come together to help people in need.  There are a lot of people who are struggling but the help has been phenomenal.  jan and Hank

PHOTO: Aerial images of ETX storms from Chopper 7

This is a aerial view of the area my sister lives in.  My parents live a half mile away.

People are still without electricity and water.  Some are displaced like my sister.  Her house can not be lived in.  Right now they are safe and they have a hotel room.  My parents can live in their house but they are still without power and water.   My mom has pneumonia and my dad isn’t feeling well.  Tonight I sent them to a hotel for a few nights.  This is hard enough to deal with without feeling ill.   It was a small thing to do in the scheme of things but I wanted my parents comfortable.

I have seen people opening their homes to others, offering free storage, starting up caravans to bring donated supplies in and asking for donations for the people of Canton, Texas.  It warms the heart.  I am proud to call that town my hometown.  I am proud of the way everyone has come together.  They have a long road.  They will rebuild and they will recover.  Prayers and well wishes welcome.

Pray for East Texas

Prayers for all the cities affected.  Prayers for the lives lost.   My heart goes out to all affected.

Hug your families and smile at a stranger.  You never know what might happen.