Christmas Makes

I LOVE to make these pretty icicle wreaths.

2018 icicle 8

Last year these pretty icicle wreaths turned out to be one of my best sellers.  I managed to make a few More.

2018 icicle wreath18

2018 icicle wreath38

I also made some more traditional and farmhouse style Christmas decorations.  I hope y’all like them as much as I do.

Red Farmhouse truck.

A Farm red

Silver Farmhouse truck.

a farm truck9

beautiful wreaths.

A black farm3

2018 christmas7

I have a love for beachy decor and I decided to make some items for Christmas and a pretty Coastal Wreath.  I hope y’all like them.

a 3 piece5a beach tree5a coastal wreath decor1

This is everything I have managed to make this month in between everything else lol.  Busy time of the year for me!!

I am happy to share my makes with you all.

Until next time..


15 thoughts on “Christmas Makes

  1. Aw Tam these are all incredible! ❤
    I can feel the icy chill from the wreath from here! brrrrr!

    Love them all, but if I could only buy one, my most favourite has to be the little red truck. I've always longed for a little red truck like that one – so naturally, that HAS to be the one I'd pick to be mine.

    Well done, you clever thing! ~ Cobs. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. After taking an extended blogging break, I’m trying to visit my favourite bloggers and landed on your blog only to find that you’re missing! Aw, I can feel the pain in my heart quite clearly.

    Wherever you are, and what ever you’re doing, I hope you are well, thriving and loved.

    I would love to see you blogging again, for I miss your amazing creations, but more importantly, I miss you Tam. Lots.

    Sending you much love, and keeping hope alive in my heart that you will return to blogging very soon.
    Hundreds of squidges ~ Cobs. xxx


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