Busy October

a zion

This month has been super busy.   I managed to fit in a vacation to Utah.  My mom came out and we drove up to Utah to see Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Cedar Breaks.  Utah is super beautiful  and impressive.  We had a fabulous time.   I would love to share a few pictures with you.  Keep in mind I left 80 degree Southern California to go into Utah in October. =) We started off in Zion and the temps were a nice 65 to 70 degrees.

Beautiful coloring in the rocks.  Lovely walking paths.  A gorgeous river.  I could feel stress melting away!


The Narrows were pretty amazing.  Steep cliffs on all sides of you as you walk.

Yes if you look close you can see the mountain climber on this cliff…See under the branch in the crack.   A mountain climber.  That is very impressive to me.

a zion8

We spent an entire day there before heading to Bryce Canyon.  We really under estimated the weather.

a bryce4

YES! That is SNOW.   I was certainly not dressed for snow.   We had to stop and buy jackets. LOL   Then it started snowing heavily.  Most beautiful crazy thing I had seen in years.  I am not a huge snow person.. But IT was SOOOOO Pretty.

You would be walking and see trees and snow and then suddenly a clearing would come and then you would see this..   AMAZING isn’t it?

It was really breath-taking.

The next place we went was Cedar Breaks Monument.  On the way up the mountain we passed this beautiful lake.

a cedar8

I loved driving through these trees with the snow on the ground.  It was all around us and beautiful.

a bryce2

We start-up the mountain and it starts snowing again.  This mountain is higher.  The snow was much deeper.  You could tell that they had the snow plow out.  It was really worth the drive up.  Isnt it pretty?

a cedar2

Yes that says Elevation 10,260.


Beautiful!.  I hope y’all enjoyed the pictures of Utah.  I loved the snow.  I don’t think I could ever live in snow though.  It is super beautiful in small doses.    I had a lovely vacation.  My mom came with me.  I love her trips out.

mom and me1

I hope y’all enjoyed..   Have a fabulous Weekend everyone.  I will see you soon ❤

Tam ❤


4 thoughts on “Busy October

    1. omgosh I am so happy that you enjoyed my vacation trip!.. It really was a fun enjoyable trip. LOL I was really excited about the snow. Though i only enjoy it in SMALL doses lol. It was amazing. Super huge snowflakes and all. Glad I could share it with you. xoxoxox.. see you soon my friend.

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