A Start for Christmas

Hello Everyone!!!  Whew this year has flown by.  Where has time gone?  I managed to fit in a few Christmas projects and hopefully I will find time to do a lot more over the next few weeks.  I feel so behind ATM.

I knew when I came across this Angel shaped grapevine wreath that I had to make an Angel Christmas Wreath.  I really wanted to do black and read plaid.  I love plaid christmas items.  This is what I came up with.


a christmas angel7 My next project is a pretty Wreath.  With  more pretty black and read plaid.  I love the green leaves and berry sprigs.   Such a pretty Christmas wreath!

a christmas plaid3

I have a cute story to tell.  My lovely blogging friend Mrs. Cobs made these adorable Acorns that you just have to see.  She has a fantastic blog.  Read about them here. (https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/65708825/posts/35752)  I told her the story because her lovely acorns made me think of the story.  She encouraged me to tell the story.  So here it is. I hope y’all enjoy it.

I was at work last month and a squirrel got into the store.    The poor thing was trapped in the store for 3 days.  We set friendly traps the first day to try to catch it, but no luck.  The 2nd day this squirrel was hiding in the bedding area.  It frightened a customer and associate half to death that was shopping down the aisle where it had decided to hide.  I am pretty sure it was as frightened as they were.  It ran underneath a display so we move these traps closer (because they worked so well the first time lol).  One of my co workers felt bad for it.  She was tossing peanuts underneath the display and the little thing was eating them.  We still couldn’t get it and after an hour and half of trying to coax it out lol we gave up.  On the 3rd day a very excited customer came running to say there is a squirrel in the gift bags.   LOL so the associates came to get me. So out I went into the gift bag section.  I decided today was the day.  One by one we starting removing these gift bags.  One or two were shredded lol. Suddenly we reached for a rather large gift back and felt hard movement.  The poor thing in his fright had jumped into this huge gift bag.  It thought if it was super still we wouldn’t fund him.  We reached for the bad and the bag lurched.  We carefully lifted it off the peg and carefully looked inside.  Yep SQUIRREL.  lol It chattered at us.  So off we went as quick as possible out the back door.  Sat the bad down and out it ran.  It ran up the huge tree.. Then quickly came back down it, stopped,  looked at us and gave us a talking to. SO either it was super happy it was free again or it was cursing us out for giving it a fright. LOL  Either was I was happy to get it back into its element.  I am pretty sure it was just as happy!.

I also visited King Tut this  month.  It was so interesting.  I had a great time and enjoyed ready about him.   I am going to share a few pics of my visit.  Amazing how much time and thought goes into these tombs.  Everything has meaning.  This is the last time they will be touring.  He will be making his way back to Egypt for his finally resting place.

a KIng


I hope y’all enjoyed my projects and my story!!!


Have a fabulous week.

Until next time!

Tam =)



13 thoughts on “A Start for Christmas

  1. What a GREAT post Tam! Thrilled you shared the squirrel. Bless his little heart. It would surprise me if you found him being a regular visitor to the store from now on. LOL

    Great photos of King Tutankhamun display. How brilliant that you got to visit and see it.

    But .. my favourite bit of this post is …the ‘make’. The whole thing is perfect. Every part works with everything else. It you’d missed anything off it would have shown up as being missing. It’s perfect Tam. Well done, you clever thing.
    Sending love and squidges~ Cobs.xxx ❤

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  2. Thank you for encouraging me to do it. You were right about it! I am so happy that you like my makes. I would like to send you an angel as a gift if you would let me =) omgosh lol that little squirrel can stay outside in its element. Haha I love those beautiful creatures but outside is a good place for them.

    I am glad you liked King Tut. I have to say it was a great exhibit. One of the best I have seen. I loved reading about the culture.

    Have a lovely day my friend. Thank you so much for visiting. Xoxoxoxo ❤

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  3. Beautiful wreaths as always, and I look forward to more of your Christmas makes! That story is just so funny, what a great story and I’m glad it all ended well for everyone. If if the humans were told off about it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Catherine. Happy to see you and yes lol thankfully it ended well for everyone. Hopefully over the next few weeks I will be able to add to my Christmas wreaths and will have some items to show. Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day!! =)

      Liked by 1 person

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