Back from Vacation

Hello everyone!!! I am back from vacation visiting my family in Texas. OMGOSH was it HOT.  100 degrees hot and humid.    My sister had a beautiful baby girl and I wanted to visit her and her pretty big sister  my niece Claire.  My Nephew Dalton came in from Arkansas.  My Niece Ash came in from Houston.  My parents and my sisters were all there with their husbands.  It was a great trip.  I wanted to share a few pics.

This is the beautiful brand new baby.  Precious sweet baby.  Such a tiny beautiful girl.

a blog6

This is Claire her big sister

a blog7

My Nephew Dalton.  OMG did he have a growth spurt.  LOL He now towers above me!!!  But awww doesn’t he look cute holding that sweet baby?

a blog5

This is my niece Ash… Again holding the baby …. LOL Seems to be a pattern!!!!! We just can not keep our hands off that baby!!

Ashy baby

The trip did seem to revolve around the new baby but we did have time to go Antique shopping.   I even did some crafting.  Claire and I made what was supposed to be a fairy garden but ended up being a trek through Snow Whites garden.  It was sooo much fun to make with her and so cute!!!.  Let me know what y’all think.  I went to every store in town looking for Fairies………. but this is what I found =)

a blog8

I made my sister a couple of floral arrangements for her farmhouse.  I think they turned out quite pretty!


See on vacation and still managed to find time for what I love.  Crafting projects!!!

My Mother wanted her bird house decorated.  I love doing birdhouses.  They are so pretty.


a blog4

My poor dogs had to be left with a baby sitter.  They were sure glad to be home.

a blog9

I was glad to have them home!!!! ❤    I missed my little fur babies.

It was a fabulous week.. I Missed everyone and I am glad to be back!!! I hope y’all enjoyed my family and my makes this week!!… Have an awesome new week!!!

Tam =)

15 thoughts on “Back from Vacation

  1. Congratulations on the safe arrival of your new little niece! She is gorgeous and clearly has everyone wrapped around her little finger already 😊 I love Snow White’s garden. It is so sweet! And as always, your crafting and decorating is just stunning!

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    1. thank you so much!!!!! She really is a precious little thing. We were excited for her arrival. Poor thing though I am sure by the end of a few days she was sick of being held lol … Claire and I had lots of fun making snow whites garden. Who needs little fairies when you have snow white and dwarfs!!! Thank you so much for your sweet words and for visiting. =) I really appreciate it! ❤

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  2. Congratulations Tam! Pretty little new niece you have. No wonder I didn’t see you around – blogging 🙂 Fabulous decors! Haha your dogs are so sweet, laying down together like that 🙂

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  3. Hi there!!! =) Uh huh I had to go see that beautiful baby and my family. Thank you so much!!! I am glad you liked my family projects lol…. My dogs lol love each other thats for sure… Good to see you!!!!…


  4. Hello Tam. 😀
    Many congratulations on your new niece. Your family has just grown by two feet!
    The makes … superb! Love the milk churn and lavender. Think the bird house is adorable, but the cone wall hanger … now that steals the show!

    Awww what a cute fairy garden. Looks like a lot of work went into the putting together of that. Well done both of you!

    Now then … although I adore the baby – she’s totally adorable …. the thing which completely steals my heart are …. the dogs. Awwww, they look so sweet, laying there, spooning, on the floor!!!
    I bet they were overjoyed to have you home again.

    Welcome Home Tam. I’ve missed you! ~ Cobs. xxx


    1. Thank you so much!!!!!! … They really have grown 2 feet at least!!!! I am so happy you visited and enjoyed my family and makes =)… I really loved the colors in the cone wall hanging too!!!! Uh huh those darn dogs LOVE each other and they were super glad to see me!!! .. Thank you so my my friend for coming and visiting. I love having you!!!!.. xoxoxoxoxo ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. I love being here with you Tam. You make things I long for and you have a style of writing which engages me and draws me into your world. It’s a fabulous feeling.
        I also love it when you visit me, for you bring your own brand of joy with you.

        Basically … I just love you. You’re Great – with a capital G.
        Love you to pieces. Squidges sent as usual ~ Cobs. xxx

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  5. Hi Tam, I just found your blog from Patty’s! I like the Snow White garden too. My grandson and I painted a whimsical garden design on the inside of my guest bathroom door and it was such a special time! Also love your dogs! Is that a Sheltie on the left? I’ve had two and don’t they just make the best pets?! Mine were both tricolors too😊

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    1. I am so happy that you found me!! Welcome!!!

      She is a sheltie!!! I agree they are the best pets!! Beautiful dogs, super smart, and sooooo polite. I just love her. She is almost 2. I bet that was a special time with your grandson. How fun!!l I reallly loved making snow whites garden with Claire.
      Thank you so much for coming!!! I am happy to have you here!!! =)

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      1. Thanks! Shelties are my favorite dogs! Of the two I had, one lived to be 13 and the other 15. I had them both from puppies. I always say if it isn’t a sheltie, it isn’t a dog, LOL

        I did a blog post about painting the door with my grandson, called “A Whimsical Door”. We’ve done more to it since then but haven’t gotten around to posting about it. 😀

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      2. ohh wow.. Thank you for telling me about the door.. i had to go check out your whimsy door!!! How adroable and pretty!! That will definitely be a cherished memory for you and your granddson forever!!. Thank you for telling me about it! =)

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