Bee Happy =)

a bee

So these little critters and the sign below inspired me to make something a bit different then my normal designs.  Aren’t they fun?

a bee sign

Those cute little metal bee’s and that fun little sign had sunflowers written all over it.  So I played around with it until I had it arranged just right.  This wreath screams summer! It is so fun and bright!  Makes me happy just looking at it.  I sure hope you all like it.

It also inspired me to create a new header for my shop and blog.

A New banner

Yellow and Summer just seems to go together.   I would love to hear what inspired all you this week.  =)

Until next time have a fabulous week!

Tam =)

10 thoughts on “Bee Happy =)

  1. Ohhhh… firstly … LOVE the new header, Tam. It’s SO YOU!!

    The wreath … Again, I’m sat here wishing that we lived in the same place, for I’d buy this wreath off you in a heart beat.

    This would be the perfect wreath for our door. I’m filled with longing for it.

    Beautiful Tam. Absolutely, totally beautiful.
    Sending love ~ Cobs. xxx ❤

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      1. Ohh yes! You have to make more of those. I think you could make a ton of these and they’d sell. Just incredible Tam. Very well done. (I soooo long for one – I’ve even told Mr.Cobs about it, because I love it so much!). ~ C. xxxx

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