Beach Day

Huntington Beach has a dog beach.    Today I took the dogs out for a beach day.   All in all it was a good day.  My little dogs love going for walks and love the outdoors.  They do not however love the water.  Getting into the water is out of the question.   It was a super nice morning.  It was overcast but not overly cold and it was definitely not as windy as usual.  This made for a very nice day.

a beach day8

Because the tide was low I was able to really find some nice seashells.   All sizes and styles.

I was so excited to actually have found sand dollars.   First time ever!!!!!

a seashell3

I love to make beach art.  Some with my finds.  Some are not.   The Seashells in this wreath were all part of the finds from my last trip to the beach.  I love how they play against the orchids.

a sea6


a beach art1

All in all a very good day for everyone!

Fun filled and relaxing.  I hope you all enjoyed your day and enjoyed your visit.  I sure love having you visit.

Have a fabulous day!!! Until next time.


13 thoughts on “Beach Day

  1. The wreath is gorgeous. I never would have thought to combine seashells and orchids. Brilliant!
    We love to take our dogs to the beach as well. Our GSP hates the waves though and strongly resists being near the water’s edge. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much!!!! I was not sure at first either so I carefully laid them into the wreath before attaching.. and I feel in love with the look. They specked shells played well with the Orchids coloring. I had to do it!! I am so happy you love it!!!
      It is so calming to walk the beach. I love being near the ocean. It is definitely on my favorite thing to do list! I do not mind that mine will not play in the water lol.. Less mess for me!


  2. Loved your walk on the beach! I live at the beach also and am jealous of your seashell finds, I find all the driftwood I want but shells are few and far between. However I have sand dollars….once I gathered 150 of them in one morning teehee. Your projects are AMAZING!


    1. omgosh really 150?? In all the years I have lived here this was the FIRST Time I found them. I was super excited haha. I wishhhhhhhh I could find drift wood. I would love to make things with it. awww I hope your next walk produces many seashells!!! Thank you!! I am happy you like my projects. Thank you for visiting and having a lovely conversation with me. -)

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  3. What a brilliant day! To feel the air, the breeze, the wind – as it blows away the cobwebs of your mind. The smell of the ocean the the shusshing noises of the water as it sends the sand to sleep.

    I cannot imagine a better day than sharing it with your dogs Tam. But then … add on your finds!! Oh my goodness! You must feel like the luckiest girl. They’re beautiful.

    Love the wreath – but my heart belongs to the signs in this post. There’s something about them which calls to my heart.
    Sending love and squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. You are so awesome. I could listen to you talk all day. So descriptive. It really was a great morning. I really enjoyed the morning and was super excited about those finds since you arent always lucky enough for the tide to be that low. Thank you so much!! I am so happy that you like my makes. xoxoxox my friend =)

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