This week I was able to take a couple of my finds and create floral arrangements. As most of you know,  I absolutely love finding unique items to create floral arrangements.  Especially when they have so much vintage charm to them.

This week I took this vintage antique style gold vessel and made a lovely classic floral arrangement.   I love the pretty floral design on this piece and those legs are awesome.  OKAY, lol so there isn’t anything about this gold vessel that I do not love.  It is beautiful! I added champagne roses, light pink peonies, and some cream-colored floral to create this timeless beauty.

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I then took that lovely hand-woven basket that I found and went to work filling it with gorgeous lifelike peach roses.  Creating a stunning cottage and farmhouse arrangement.  I love this piece because you can add life to a wall and hang it or you can style a book shelf or table.  It is classic and pretty!  The flowers look like they are fresh cut.  I love that!

Overall I am very happy with how both of these turned out.

Next on my list was this piece.  A wedding decoration.  I think I may do some more of this.  It was fun to do!

Next on  my agenda is to do something with these pretty peonies.  I think my milk vases are calling their names. =)

a peonyI hope you all enjoyed your visit.  Thank you so much for coming.  I appreciate you all!

Until next time.  Have a fantabulous week!!

Tammy ❤

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