Hello Everyone!! I hope you are all having a fantabulous day!.  Today I have been working on some gift items and a few other surprises.  My schedule has been pretty demanding and its only going to get more demanding as the holidays approach.   I can handle it though! Last week the Sugar Plum festival was on at the Orange County Fair Grounds.  I took my mom.  We had a great time browsing through all kinds of fun handmade items.  I really love that every time I go I find hidden treasures.  This past week was no different.  While browsing each individual booth I found someone selling all these amazing Boyds  bears. Then My excitement grew when I found a Boyds farm wagon.  From then on I knew exactly what I wanted to make.  I am always looking for things that would make lovely gifts.  I ended up buying 3 bears. Today I created gift items with 2 of the bears.  These are my creations.


A few weeks back I did a blog post on these great finds I found to create flower arrangements in.  Today I was able to complete a few.   The wheel barrel above with the cute bear holding the apple was one.  I had found this beautiful metal vintage looking basket. I created this floral arrangement using Vintage blush roses and vintage style daisies.  I used Moss to hide the ugly foam.  How do y’all think it turned out?

I also made this pretty arrangement.

Now I just need to find flowers for this birdcage that I found.  I am super excited to do this one.

a birdcage

I absolutely love Milkglass vases.  I have two more that I was able to score at an Antique store my last visit to Texas.  I am waiting on flowers to arrive for them.  This is one I was able to complete a week ago.

I really appreciate you all visiting.  You all make my day!!!.  Have a fabulous weekend.

Until next time.


16 thoughts on “Christmas Spirit

  1. Oh my word Tam!!! You have been busy!

    When faced with a selection of items in one post (from any blogger, with any crafty product) .. I try to choose a favourite. Now I’ve found I managed to get it down to two favourites in this post, but can’t narrow it down to just the one.

    So … if I was shopping at a craft fair and saw your goodies on display, I think I would HAVE to buy the Boyds bear sat in the wheelbarrow – for it doesn’t just speak to me, it SHOUTS “buy me. choose me!” … so that one’s a no brainer.

    The second ‘favourite’ is the trug (you might call them a tool caddy, possibly) with the pink Peony and what I think are white roses. Those colours are very ‘me’, so I’d just have to buy that one too.

    All beautiful though Tam. Very well done, you clever thing!
    Squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    1. ohhhhh ❤ YAY I am so glad you liked them!!!!
      I love the trug (planter box) too. Its verry rustic cottage style which is very me too.. It has pink peonies and cream hydrangea's. There are some smaller dark pink open roses in it also =) Thank you so much for visiting and sharing your favorites. Makes my day!!!! =) Hugssss xoxo my lovely friend.

      Liked by 1 person

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