My Mom was here this past week on vacation.  We had the opportunities to visit and do some fun things.  One thing we did was visit the Haunted Whaley House in San Diego.  This house was built-in 1856 from Thomas Whaley’s own brickyard.  The house was the first two-story brick house in San Diego. Between 1868 and 1871 the house served multiple purposes.  The house was built on the old hanging grounds.  (creepy) It is no wonder it is haunted.  It is said that a notorious harmless thief in the area named Yankee Jim Robinson was hanged on the property and haunts it still to this day.  Here is some history on Yankee Jim. ( )

Not to mention Violet Whaley committed Suicide in the house by shooting herself in the heart.

Originally the house  was built and served as the  family home and business.  The business was a granary. Over the years it served many purposes.  Especially during hard times.   It was a school,  a billiard hall,  a ballroom, and a church.  From 1869-1871 it  was rented out to the county of San Diego as its Courthouse.


The house also served as the first commercial theater in San Diego from Oct 1868 to Jan 1869 by Mr.  George Tanner and the Tanner Troupe.  It ran short due to the fact that Mr. Tanner died shortly after the theater opened.  The room then became the home to the to meetings of Board of supervisors for the County and for storage of county records.

a whaley14

Original floors.  They are in amazing shape for such an old old house.

The Granary has this creepy horseshoe wreath behind glass that is made of HAIR. YES, I did say HAIR.  I believe I captured a ghost.  What do you think? (left side) =)

a whaley6

Can you see the face?

The house many rooms, the family lived in them and did not rent them all out.



I always love visiting this house.  It is a beautiful well maintained piece of San Diego history.  I hope y’all enjoy this visit!!!

Until Next time.

See you soon!


4 thoughts on “The Whaley House-San Diego

  1. FABULOUS photos Tam! Yes … I see what I think is dolls head in that wreath made of hair glass. (WREATH MADE OF HAIR!! ewwwwww). It was obviously looked on as something very talented in (many) years gone by, but can you imagine receiving that as a gift today??
    lol. ~ C. xxx

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