Christmas Wreaths


This week I was busy on vacation but I found time to squeeze in some pretty Christmas wreaths.  I have to say I was pretty productive.  I absolutely love the rose golds and golds with the pearls of the above Christmas wreath.  It is so unique and beautiful.  Definitely not traditional but beautiful and Christmasy all the same.  What do you think?

I was also able to complete some pretty traditional wreaths. Golds , silvers, reds, and greens.


A pretty icicle snowflake wreath.

a ice2

Unique and pretty Christmas Angel Wreaths.  This is a pretty unique take on the Christmas wreath.


and then I decided to do something more antique and less Christmasy.  I had these lovely milkglass vases and I really wanted to do something pretty.  I ended up creating this piece…

All in all I had a very nice vacation.  A nice visit with my mother.  unfortunately tomorrow I am back to work lol.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.

Until next time!! See you all soon =)


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