Yesterday I went to the Sugar Plum Festival arts and crafts show like I have for probably 17 years.  They have it in many locations throughout the year. I usually make it to at least 3 shows per year.  You can see from the pics it was a packed house.  No elbow room to be had.  Soooo Patience is a must!


The Haunted House at the entrance is absolutely amazing. It’s quite detailed.  It’s windows flash and it plays spooky music.  I should have taken a video but,  I suppose the pic will have to do.  There is a witch that spins around it.  It really is a pretty spectacular sight!

a blog6

I know a lot of people went there for the Halloween and Fall decor since that is basically what it was about this time of year.   I did not.  I have plenty of decor at the moment.  More than I need LOL.  I went there specifically looking for out of the ordinary things. I must say I was super excited to find so many things I could make floral arrangements in.  Yes you heard me.  I went to a craft fair looking for unique fun pretty POTS. Hidden gems hidden behind all the fall  and Halloween decor.

My finds!

a blog10

I was super pleased at my finds.  I fell in  love with this and have decided to keep it. I collect perfume bottles so this will fit right in with my collections.  I plan to store boring cotton balls in it =) Isn’t is just beautiful!?

My 2nd favorite find of the day was this  gold vessel.  I fell in love with the shape and the details.  I love that it sets up off the table.  Its going to be a beautiful flower arrangement in the near future.


I cant wait to see what I come up with for the rest of them.  Whatever I do  I will share.  Hopefully they will be stunning and unique!

In the middle of all that I was able to create a few more projects I wanted to shar for Christmas.

and this.

a banner

I hope you all enjoyed my post today!  Have a fabulous weekend!!!!

See you next time!!!



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4 thoughts on “Sugar Plum Festival

  1. Ohh Tam,I LOVE that little jar you plan to use for cotton buds. What a brilliant find. (jealous? me? ok.. just a little bit) lol.

    My next favourite is that basket. I used to have one exactly like that and loved it to pieces … but somewhere in the moving of house, it seems to have either got lost or maybe it’s hidden in a box which we haven’t opened .. I don’t know. But when I saw the one in your photograph my heart called to it.

    GREAT finds! (And that golden one you plan to make a flower display in – might make rather a nice fruit bowl for the centre of the table? lol… we’re both crafters with an eye for the possibilities of things. lol
    Sending Saturday Squidges ~ Cobs. x ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Awwww I am so glad you like my finds!!! i was super excited to find them. I loved that little basket too! It has a hook on it to hang it on the wall which I thought was a fantastic idea. Ohhhh I agree it would make a great fruit bowl too!!!! We sure are crafters with an eye for possibilities. Thank you so much for visiting and having coffee with me this morning =) xoxoxoxoxo ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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