The Queen Mary

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A Queen

The Queen Mary

They had a Princess Diana exhibit then.  This ship is very interesting to visit. The Queen Mary has a colorful past.  I know the ship as a tourist attraction and a Hotel.  It is said to be haunted.  There is this one room that they have tried to paint and lay carpet.  According to the story when they try to carpet and paint it, the next day they come back and the carpet is all piled up in the floor.  That room gives me the creeps.  LOL Haunted or not.. It’s a creepy room.

a queen12

Creepy right?

Luckily the rest of the ship is not like that room.  Just a few places are creepy.  Areas like the Broiler rooms, around Winston Churchill room, the pool rooms.  Haunted or not I have never had the nerve to stay the night there.  I do not think I ever will.  I say why tempt fate? lol

It is definitely a fun trip.  I have enjoyed all my visits to The Queen mary.  It is a beautiful ship and is well-preserved.

It really is like stepping through time.  For more information here are a few links.

I hoped you enjoyed the visit!



6 thoughts on “The Queen Mary

  1. Aw Tam, I am SOOooooo envious! I would love to visit it. I’d be all over it like a rash! Such a magnificent beauty and considering her age, she looks incredible.

    The ‘ghost’ room. … I do wonder if it’s true, and, so long as I had someone with me, I’d be happy to have a comfy chair in there and stay in that room. (So long as I had warm drinks, and maybe some food to nibble. (oh, and a loo). 😉

    Lovely photo’s Tam. Thank you SO much for the share.
    LOVE this post big time!
    Heaps of squidges ~ Cobs. x 🌷🌷🌷

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    1. I am glad!!!!!! Okay so I wowuld stay in the room WITH You maybe.. It would be a fun interesting adventure. LOL but I am still not staying there all night hahahah. I was reading more on the room and I found this …
      Room #340 (the most haunted room on the ship) was the place where a member of staff was brutally murdered. Ghostly reports from the guests of creepy happening in this room grew more and more. Sheets were flying off the beds, while people were in them, loud bangs became louder and the taps in the bathroom continuously turned themselves on. It appeared that the ghost was getting more agitated with the guests and the ghostly activity grew more violent that the room was no longer available for guests, and the room was completely shut off.
      I enjoyed reading this article. Here is a link.
      It is really beautiful ship. A true step back in time.
      I am so glad you liked the post. I wrote it just for you! =)
      xoxoxoxoxo =)

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      1. 😀 … I had a feeling you did. 🤗
        Aww, love you Tam.

        Oooooo… I shall take a look at that link and have a read.

        Even with everything you’ve told me, I would still spend the night there, with someone, and a comfy chair, drinks (hot ones) and something to nibble.

        I’d make it a party for two (or more depending on who wanted to come along.)

        But .. if the spirit clearly showed that it didn’t want us in what it believed to be it’s room, then I’d respectfully leave.

        I now have to share with you something that I know you’re going to enjoy and possibly even laugh your head of at…..

        I’m sat in the living room. I have my little laptop on a little table and my one leg stretched out with my foot upon a footstool. Everything is quiet and there are just two dim lamps on in the living room.

        There is one cat asleep on the sofa. One cat asleep in the bedroom and … I have no idea where the dog is right at this moment.

        Then … out of the corner of my left eye, I saw something move. The cat was still on the sofa. Nothing else was in this room which was living and breathing. THERE IS WAS AGAIN …. something moved. I saw it out of the corner of my eye.

        I slowly and carefully looked around the side of the screen and … DAMN IT, IT MOVED AGAIN!!!!
        Panic was oozing within me.

        My breathing began to get faster and I felt my eyes grow to the size of saucers …. I forced myself to look properly in the area where I absolutely saw the movement.

        And …

        I saw … … …
        part of my white foot inside it’s chocolate brown suede slipper, wriggle side to side as I leant sideways. SIGH

        It was my bl**dy foot!

        Ok… Matron needs to up my tablets I think.
        Squidges to you Tam ~ Cobs. xxx 🤗 👻

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