Christmas in August

This week I havent felt very well.  Sorry I have been lax.   I had a few items that I would like to share.

I had some random Pallet wood lying around.   I was inspired to make this Pallet Christmas Tree.  I love working with vinyl and for this piece I used good quality outdoor permanent vinyl.  I stained the wood and added a sealer.  Once it was good and dry and I started arranging my vinyl and sticking it down using transfer paper.   It was a fun project that a really enjoyed and so different.  I am going to enjoy displaying this piece at Christmas.

A Christmas

I had all these beautiful seashells that had mostly been collected in San Simean.  I wanted to create a Christmas tree that matched my Beach theme in my house.  I decided to use the seashells and I created what turned out to be very beautiful christmas tree ornaments to treasure.  These shells were mostly hand collected and given to me by someone very important.  She passed away a year ago to cancer.  I now have a way to display them and a happy remembrance.


I also still have the original seashell bowl with shells too.  Its one of my favorite things in my house.  Still filled with lovely shells collected from San Simean. See there were plenty to use for ornaments and keep out all year-long.

I then took some and made some really pretty art work out of them.  Which I love. The white frames are small shadow boxes.  I love working with Shadow boxes.  You can create so many pretty things with them.

I hope y’all have a fabulous weekend.  Until Next time!..





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