Today I was out shopping at one of my favorite craft stores.  They were already for fall and were in the process of putting out Christmas.  All I could think is OMG Christmas alreadyyyyyyyyyy.. ..It seemed so early  but then I was distracted by all these pretty things I can put flowers into.  They were 50% off too!!!! SCORE!   I just love them.  So I am thinking these lovely things will inspire some really pretty fall floral arrangements.   The small white drawer inspired me to make this…..



I love the cottage farmhouse vibe these give off.  Its one my favorite styles.

I have actually been inspired a lot this week.  I have been working hard on new pretty things like these…..



Earlier in the week I was inspired to make these…



I hope you all enjoyed my latest creations.  Have a fabulous week.  Once I decide what I am putting into all those awesome containers I will let you all know!!!



6 thoughts on “Inspiration for Fall

      1. You are so welcome. I enjoy your blog and wanted others to see it too. Your journey with your Etsy business has inspired me not to give up on mine so I really appreciate you and and your blog. Have a great week!

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      2. I would love to visit your shop!!!. Dont give up. … Doing creative things you love is very rewarding. I really love to create things. I hope that they brings others joy =) I am humbled. Thank you so much! you have a fabulous week too!!! =)

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