Pretty Summer Wreath


I decided to make a summer flower wreath.  I chose stunning ranunculus flowers, pretty white roses,  and some random white floral.  The ribbon is a pretty gold brown with lovely gold threading that creates a pretty leafy pattern.

I love wreaths.  They add charm to a home.  They create a warm welcome to our home when they are hung on a front porch.  They are cheery and beautiful.  They are versatile and lovely in most any room.

The following items were used for this project

10-12 inch grapevine wreath

3-4 large flowers of your choice and color

a bunch of smaller flowers (one bush normally)

a floral that can be used as a filler with long stems

Your choice of ribbon ( ribbons with wire is the easiest to use for bows)

a glue gun and glue sticks

floral wire.


When assembling I find it easier to attach the bow where you want it then start adding the flowers.   I use both wire and glue.  I want to make sure they are attached and that they do not come loose.


I hope you enjoy the end result.  I think it turned out beautiful.  I just love that pop of orange, red and gold the ranunculus flowers add.  Makes for very dramatic beautiful color.

Have a fabulous day everyone!

Tam =)







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