A few weeks ago I posted the decorations I had made for my nieces 8th birthday party.   It turned out to be a hit!  They loved the decorations.  We had the best time.

Here is the birthday girl.  Miss Claire!

boho birthday4

That smile is priceless!  Sweet girl!

Here is a few more looks at the decorations. =)


They really loved the cupcakes lol and dont mind the mess we were in party mode =)

And blue lipstick is apparently the rage when you eat blue frosted cupcakes.boho birthday7

We played twister and had silly fun.

boho birthday 8

Then we made the DREAM CATCHERS. OMG who knew that pipe cleaners were so much fun.  This was the hit of the day!.

Then they made me a headband =)  Over look my tired eyes I was still jet lagged.


The finished Dream catchers.  I just love these girls.


We had a fantastic day.   I love my family! =)


I hope you guys enjoyed the party as much as we did!


Have a fabulous day,



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