BOHO Birthday Decorations-Handmade

boho paper3

My Niece turns 8 this month.    I am going home (Texas) this year and will actually get to be there close enough to her birthday to give her a birthday party.   I decided on the BOHO theme.   I am making banners and cupcake topper’s.  I am also going to create  a bunch of cut outs so that the kids can make their own dream catchers.

This is a great link with a bunch of different ideas to create dream catchers.  All kid friendly.

Lots of great ideas.  I took from all of them.   I purchased the following items.

embroidery hoops (consumer crafts has the size I wanted 3 for $1.00)

-Yarn (I chose pink, blue, white)

-pipe cleaners ( all colors and styles)



-On my cricut, I cut out a bunch of shapes.  Butterflies, hearts, stars, arrows, musical notes,  etc.

I purchased enough supplies for 18 kids (more than enough) for about $30.  I think it will provide tons of fun for the kids.

I then chose my Paper for my decorations.  =)


I went to designing on my Cricut and off to cutting  I went.   I cut out banner shapes, tepee shapes, and mini dream catchers.  I used some pretty boho stickers and some matching birthday embellishments as well as some gold glittery ribbons.  The end result was some pretty banners and cupcake topper’s.


Now all I need to do is add some pretty balloons, cupcakes, kids food.  All party ready.  I am excited to have this party. I will have to share the dream catchers that the kids create.

Thanks for visiting everyone!

Have a fabulous day!!!



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