The Wedding Bouquet

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This was my latest project.  I have not made a Wedding bouquet in years.  This particular one is a gift to a co-worker who is getting married this month.  She loves blue.  I was able to incorporate that coloring into the boquet.  To be honest blue is my favorite color too! It’s an easy color for me to work with.


June bride.  This a very popular month for weddings.  I wish them a life full of happiness and love.  Congratulations to the Happy Couple.





13 thoughts on “The Wedding Bouquet

    1. I am not a prefessional by any means. I just enjoy flowers. With that one.. I started with a premade single color bouquet. I added the colors into them. I chose shades of blues that complimented each other. I just try to evenly space them. I chose a solid satin ribbon and wrapped it well. I then added the decorative ribbon and a a petty embellishment. I really want to make one with brooches and I am planning to do one soon. Just to see how it turns out. I am really glad you like my bouquet. I appreciate your kind words. Thank you for your visit!!! =)

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