Love these Teacher Gifts

Yesterday I woke with a horrible migraine.  Probably the worst I have ever had and ended up in Urgent Care for 4 hours.  I received my first ever migraine shot.  Can you believe it only got rid of maybe 65% of my migraine but by the end of the night I was almost headache free.  Today I feel much better.  I have been back to doing my favorite thing.  Crafting. These have been my creations for the day.  Teacher appreciation week and the end of the school year are coming up.  Check out these Teacher appreciation inspired gifts. Hope y’all love them! =)

Have a great day!!

Tammy @ Crafty Boutique By Tam



10 thoughts on “Love these Teacher Gifts

  1. Ouch, poor you! Never had a migraine, but I know they are horrid. Your makes look fabulous though, and amazingly productive, especially as you were sick. Heck, I’d have been very happy to make that much on a good day! Hope you are fully recovered soon!

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  2. Wow! You made up for lost time! My mom started getting debilitating migraines when I was a kid. Scared me silly. She would have to have a shot when it was really bad. I’m so thankful that I don’t get them. I’m so sorry you do. Hugs!

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