Stamp And Scrapbook Expo- Anahiem, Ca

I was up at 6 am this morning because today was the day.  The Stamp and scrapbook expo in Anaheim, Ca.  When I walked in there were people to help direct you to the right areas and to answer your questions.  Which I was thankful for since it was my first time going.  They gave me this lovely empty bag when I entered.  I am thinking that’s a nice large bag…. it should do the trick nicely.  Maybe this where I  insert LOL (all in caps with the last L drawn out LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL)

expo bag

I am in awe! Aisles and aisles filled with all kinda of goodies.

I don’t think i missed a booth =) I was there with my friend for HOURS literally.  Carefully exploring every single booth.  There were so many techniques ideas, and fun creations.  This was one of my favorites.

I love the Idea that I can create my own embellishments with this item.  It has many purposes.  Some of the other cool things that I enjoyed hearing about was how to water-color using stamps, the blending pens, and how to use fine glitters to make colorful butterflies. Next time I go I will be able to plan better. Apparently I missed out on some coupons and early bird specials. These things take precise planning. You have to plan your visits around the coupons and specials so that you make the most of your time, money, and get the best deals. Who knew you had to be soooooo strategic. I Sure didn’t!!! I do now! So Next time, Look out!!! =) None of this stopped me from having a great time, getting good deals, and giving my creative brain some beautiful idea’s, and techniques.  By the time I was done my one bag had turned into this………..


Uh huh NO PROBLEM.. Lucky for me my friend had a bag too!

So do I recommend them.  YES! They are great fun! I had a really good time.  Maybe next time I will sign up for an activity.

Have a fabulous day everyone!



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