completed custom2

What a busy busy busy few weeks for me.  I really have been working hard on my Etsy business,   In the past week and a half I have created a business facebook account, a New newsletter and I have been promoting my business.  It has really paid off I am excited to say.  Right at this moment I finishing a custom order for my customer for multiple teacher gift baskets.   It has been a really good week.


The 2nd installment of my newsletter goes out tomorrow.  I love how it’s doing.  It is also the day for the free giveaway if you subscribed to my newsletter.  I am excited to give something away.  For those of you that havent subscribed,  here is the link.


I will be notifying the winner by email =).

The link to my shop.  There are lots of new items there.  I am excited to share with you my mother’s day line.  It is so pretty.


and the final new item….


I am working on a custom one also.   I will have that one finished shortly to show everyone. =)

Ohh And my final fun piece of news.  Next week is the Stamp and Scrapbook expo in Anaheim.  I am going.  It is my very first time to go.  Needless to say I am super excited to go.   Hopefully I will get some great photos  and be able to share some fun stories.


It has been a super busy week. Hopefully I have not forgotten anything.

Have a great day everyone!






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