Boho Dream Catcher-Love How pretty these are.


Hello all!

Very Exciting and Beautiful project.

I received all my items to make my niece a Boho Dream Catcher for her birthday.  I was so excited to start this project that I dug right into designing it and creating it with all the beautiful treasures I had collected, lace of all kinds, pretty bead ribbon, satin ribbons in teals and whites, gorgeous white and turquoise feathers, and that lovely hand crocheted doily.   I got to work assembling my dream catcher.  The hardest part was getting that doily just right inside that embroidery hoop.  With a little white thread and some maneuvering FINALLY I got it into position.  I then started adding my Lace ribbons.  I added the largest lace to the center and then went from biggest to smallest spreading evenly and did the same with the color so that the teals and turquoises would be evenly throughout the entire bottom.  It was so exciting seeing it come to life.   I love these beautiful boho dream catchers.   I was so happy with the result that I immediately texted my sister pictures of my creation.  I explained it was for Ashlynn’s birthday. My sister said she will love it.  The colors are perfect and she has been wanting to do a feature wall of dream catchers. I was happy to hear that my choice would be a hit with my niece.


The Big Reveal =)



Thank you for stopping by and visiting.  =) Have a beautiful day everyone.








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