Boho Dream Catchers- New Obsession

dream-catcher-collage3I was sitting around wondering what I would get My beautiful niece for her birthday this year.  I remembered that my mom told me that she loved  Dream catchers.  I decide that I would be making her a Dream catcher.  My creative juices are flowing for that already.  I have ordered all the material I think  I will need.  I will most definitely be sharing that once its made =)  In the Meantime I have come up with some art that was super fun to make.  I just love the boho style.   These pretty art creations are my take on Boho style.  I hope y’all enjoy them.   I plan on making more colors and designs.  It really amazing what you can create with lovely quality card stock, ribbons, and the right frame.  Comments are always welcome! =)  Have a great night everyone.



Dream catchers were woven by Grandfathers and Grandmothers of the Ojibwa people.   They hung them above cradles.  This was to give  peaceful, Beautiful dreams.  It is a sweet thing to do.  I love the idea of Dream catchers.


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