Mason Jars-Not just for canning

Sure Mason jars were invented for canning those yummy tasty jams and jellies.  Sure they were once used for saving fresh garden veggies.  Yes they were colorful and pretty in your cabinets waiting to tantalize your taste buds.  I say WHY only tantalize your taste buds!  I say give your eyes something beautiful to see.  They make such lovely pieces to give as unique gifts and they are super lovely and charming added to your home decor.  I am a bit obsessed with them.  I think they are sooo pretty and versatile.  My Moms birthday is coming up and I am gonna take my advice and make her something pretty!.  I love handmade gifts.  Giving as well as receiving.  They are meaningful and sweet.   These are some of the items I created this week from Mason Jars, ribbons, Flowers, and pretty scrolled Heart, dragonflies, and hummingbird embellishments.  I hope you love them.  Comments and feedback are always welcome.  =) Have a lovely day everyone!!!




20 thoughts on “Mason Jars-Not just for canning

  1. Beautiful creations, Tammy! You know, I’ve been wanting to make some Mason jar crafts myself, but they’re not so available in India..that’s where I live 😦 But it is great to see someone make such pretty things out of them! Do you make those embellishments yourself too, I wonder? They’re all very lovely!
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your kind comments there!

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