Custom Projects-So far Luck is on my side.

This weeks projects were all custom projects =). I had a lovely time creating them.  Two of them were out of my comfort zone.  That can be a good thing at times.  =) for me it was lol since I have been in candle mode for a bit getting ready for Mothers Day and Easter and trying to add gift type items with my home decor Etsy shop. It pushed my brain into a different direction. I thought I would share the Items My customers wanted.  Never be afraid to ask someone whose work you enjoy if they can create a customer piece.  Most times they can.  I have been able to create everything asked for minus 1 itemparis-box4paris-art3paris2paris5custom-virginia1


One customer loved the Family story sign I created for another customer that I was asked to make this one with the butterfly and the teal.  I used a different shape wood. The butterfly touch adds life to the sign.  It turned out lovely with the coloring.  All very fun projects.  I hope you enjoy them.  Have a lovely day everyone! =)



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