Back from Vacation

Hello everyone!!! I am back from vacation visiting my family in Texas. OMGOSH was it HOT.  100 degrees hot and humid.    My sister had a beautiful baby girl and I wanted to visit her and her pretty big sister  my niece Claire.  My Nephew Dalton came in from Arkansas.  My Niece Ash came in from Houston.  My parents and my sisters were all there with their husbands.  It was a great trip.  I wanted to share a few pics.

This is the beautiful brand new baby.  Precious sweet baby.  Such a tiny beautiful girl.

a blog6

This is Claire her big sister

a blog7

My Nephew Dalton.  OMG did he have a growth spurt.  LOL He now towers above me!!!  But awww doesn’t he look cute holding that sweet baby?

a blog5

This is my niece Ash… Again holding the baby …. LOL Seems to be a pattern!!!!! We just can not keep our hands off that baby!!

Ashy baby

The trip did seem to revolve around the new baby but we did have time to go Antique shopping.   I even did some crafting.  Claire and I made what was supposed to be a fairy garden but ended up being a trek through Snow Whites garden.  It was sooo much fun to make with her and so cute!!!.  Let me know what y’all think.  I went to every store in town looking for Fairies………. but this is what I found =)

a blog8

I made my sister a couple of floral arrangements for her farmhouse.  I think they turned out quite pretty!


See on vacation and still managed to find time for what I love.  Crafting projects!!!

My Mother wanted her bird house decorated.  I love doing birdhouses.  They are so pretty.


a blog4

My poor dogs had to be left with a baby sitter.  They were sure glad to be home.

a blog9

I was glad to have them home!!!! ❤    I missed my little fur babies.

It was a fabulous week.. I Missed everyone and I am glad to be back!!! I hope y’all enjoyed my family and my makes this week!!… Have an awesome new week!!!

Tam =)


Pretty Farmhouse Decor

I love that you can make walls really come alive with decorative pieces like this.  They are pretty and unique and can add lots of drama and style to your walls.

a three


I was shopping around my favorite craft store last week and I came across some cotton stems and this cool farmhouse sign.  The only thing I really needed was a ribbon.  Off I went looking and I found it.  A black and tan check ribbon.  It was perfect.   What do y’all think?

a farm wreath1

I  have this newfound love for lambsear.  It’s so pretty and soft.  It makes really beautiful wreaths.  Below I took a primitive embroidery hoop and wove lambs ear around it and attached it with floral wire.  I then added some cotton and used my pretty ribbon. I totally loved how it turned out. I added some navy berries that I thought were the perfect touch.

a lambsear wreath1

I wanted to do a tobacco basket wall in my house.  So on one of my outings I found these great tobacco baskets for a good price.  I created my wall which I LOVE but I bought a couple of baskets to many.  I decided to make this pretty wall decoration out of them.  They make beautiful farmhouse decor.  They are also a great way to make your walls come alive.  I handmade the mini wreath and attached it to the center.

a tobacco7

I have definitely been on a farmhouse making spree this week.  I am very happy with my creations though and I do believe they make lovely additions to my Etsy shop.

Here are a few more farmhouse pieces.


I hope y’all enjoyed this weeks makes.  I really enjoyed making them.  I still have time….. I may just have to make a few more things!!! =)

Have a great week everyone.

Until next time….

Tam =)

Shabby Chic, Victorian, and Vintage inspired

a vintage inspired

If I ever decided to change my decor (coastal) I would probably choose a Rustic Shabby Chic style with a bit of vintage charm.  I am drawn to these styles.  Today I am sharing some things I made this week that are inspired by Vintage Shabby Chic style as well as Victorian styles.  I love making wreaths from usual things.  Stepping away from the normal grapevine wreath to create something different and beautifully original.

a small birdhouse8

I love doing bird-cages.  They are so pretty and can be used in home decor, wedding decor, and shower decorations.

a large bird3

I am in love with these pretty bird-cages.   Charming rustic, vintage inspired, Victorian, and Shabby Chic decor.

I also made a few Farmhouse classic.  I discovered lambsear.  I absolutely love this as a greenery and filler.  It’s so pretty.  I used it in the swag below.

a lambsear


That is it for me this week so far. I hope you all enjoyed my projects.  Have a fabulous week.

Happy Mother’s day everyone.



Bee Happy =)

a bee

So these little critters and the sign below inspired me to make something a bit different then my normal designs.  Aren’t they fun?

a bee sign

Those cute little metal bee’s and that fun little sign had sunflowers written all over it.  So I played around with it until I had it arranged just right.  This wreath screams summer! It is so fun and bright!  Makes me happy just looking at it.  I sure hope you all like it.

It also inspired me to create a new header for my shop and blog.

A New banner

Yellow and Summer just seems to go together.   I would love to hear what inspired all you this week.  =)

Until next time have a fabulous week!

Tam =)

The Welcoming Wreaths

a b wreath4

I don’t know about y’all but I am super picky when it comes to flowers.  I am especially drawn to flowers that have a real feel or look to them.   That is how I feel about these orchids.  They are so pretty!   I showed you guy’s some a few weeks back with my seashell and orchid wreath.  (still my favorite)  Today I decided to use them in a different way.  I had this pretty glass terrarium ornament and I have been holding it waiting on the perfect flowers to pair with it.   I am happy to report that I think I found the right flowers.  A happy mix of orchids, succulents, and that big pinkish flowers is an Anemone.  I love the unique feel of this wreath.

a purple5

This wreath is so soft and flirty..   I want to call this wreath,  The many shades of purple. It is so pretty and feminine.    I absolutely love all the shades of purple in this.  It really does make a stunning wreath!


Yes I know!!!!! I love farmhouse and Shabby chic styles.  I do not think I am the only ones though.

I was asked to make a gift for a first communion.  I created a shadow box memory frame.   This is how it turned out.  I think it’s quite pretty,  What a challenge this piece was for me.  I was excited to tackle it though.

Michelles first2

My customer order for 6 centerpieces also went out this week.    Overall it’s definitely been a busy few weeks for me.  I had fun doing them.

I would love to hear about what you are working.  Feel free to drop a link to your projects and share them.  I love seeing all the pretty creative projects.

Until next time!!

Tam =)