Christmas Makes

I LOVE to make these pretty icicle wreaths.

2018 icicle 8

Last year these pretty icicle wreaths turned out to be one of my best sellers.  I managed to make a few More.

2018 icicle wreath18

2018 icicle wreath38

I also made some more traditional and farmhouse style Christmas decorations.  I hope y’all like them as much as I do.

Red Farmhouse truck.

A Farm red

Silver Farmhouse truck.

a farm truck9

beautiful wreaths.

A black farm3

2018 christmas7

I have a love for beachy decor and I decided to make some items for Christmas and a pretty Coastal Wreath.  I hope y’all like them.

a 3 piece5a beach tree5a coastal wreath decor1

This is everything I have managed to make this month in between everything else lol.  Busy time of the year for me!!

I am happy to share my makes with you all.

Until next time..


Busy October

a zion

This month has been super busy.   I managed to fit in a vacation to Utah.  My mom came out and we drove up to Utah to see Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Cedar Breaks.  Utah is super beautiful  and impressive.  We had a fabulous time.   I would love to share a few pictures with you.  Keep in mind I left 80 degree Southern California to go into Utah in October. =) We started off in Zion and the temps were a nice 65 to 70 degrees.

Beautiful coloring in the rocks.  Lovely walking paths.  A gorgeous river.  I could feel stress melting away!


The Narrows were pretty amazing.  Steep cliffs on all sides of you as you walk.

Yes if you look close you can see the mountain climber on this cliff…See under the branch in the crack.   A mountain climber.  That is very impressive to me.

a zion8

We spent an entire day there before heading to Bryce Canyon.  We really under estimated the weather.

a bryce4

YES! That is SNOW.   I was certainly not dressed for snow.   We had to stop and buy jackets. LOL   Then it started snowing heavily.  Most beautiful crazy thing I had seen in years.  I am not a huge snow person.. But IT was SOOOOO Pretty.

You would be walking and see trees and snow and then suddenly a clearing would come and then you would see this..   AMAZING isn’t it?

It was really breath-taking.

The next place we went was Cedar Breaks Monument.  On the way up the mountain we passed this beautiful lake.

a cedar8

I loved driving through these trees with the snow on the ground.  It was all around us and beautiful.

a bryce2

We start-up the mountain and it starts snowing again.  This mountain is higher.  The snow was much deeper.  You could tell that they had the snow plow out.  It was really worth the drive up.  Isnt it pretty?

a cedar2

Yes that says Elevation 10,260.


Beautiful!.  I hope y’all enjoyed the pictures of Utah.  I loved the snow.  I don’t think I could ever live in snow though.  It is super beautiful in small doses.    I had a lovely vacation.  My mom came with me.  I love her trips out.

mom and me1

I hope y’all enjoyed..   Have a fabulous Weekend everyone.  I will see you soon ❤

Tam ❤


A Start for Christmas

Hello Everyone!!!  Whew this year has flown by.  Where has time gone?  I managed to fit in a few Christmas projects and hopefully I will find time to do a lot more over the next few weeks.  I feel so behind ATM.

I knew when I came across this Angel shaped grapevine wreath that I had to make an Angel Christmas Wreath.  I really wanted to do black and read plaid.  I love plaid christmas items.  This is what I came up with.


a christmas angel7 My next project is a pretty Wreath.  With  more pretty black and read plaid.  I love the green leaves and berry sprigs.   Such a pretty Christmas wreath!

a christmas plaid3

I have a cute story to tell.  My lovely blogging friend Mrs. Cobs made these adorable Acorns that you just have to see.  She has a fantastic blog.  Read about them here. (  I told her the story because her lovely acorns made me think of the story.  She encouraged me to tell the story.  So here it is. I hope y’all enjoy it.

I was at work last month and a squirrel got into the store.    The poor thing was trapped in the store for 3 days.  We set friendly traps the first day to try to catch it, but no luck.  The 2nd day this squirrel was hiding in the bedding area.  It frightened a customer and associate half to death that was shopping down the aisle where it had decided to hide.  I am pretty sure it was as frightened as they were.  It ran underneath a display so we move these traps closer (because they worked so well the first time lol).  One of my co workers felt bad for it.  She was tossing peanuts underneath the display and the little thing was eating them.  We still couldn’t get it and after an hour and half of trying to coax it out lol we gave up.  On the 3rd day a very excited customer came running to say there is a squirrel in the gift bags.   LOL so the associates came to get me. So out I went into the gift bag section.  I decided today was the day.  One by one we starting removing these gift bags.  One or two were shredded lol. Suddenly we reached for a rather large gift back and felt hard movement.  The poor thing in his fright had jumped into this huge gift bag.  It thought if it was super still we wouldn’t fund him.  We reached for the bad and the bag lurched.  We carefully lifted it off the peg and carefully looked inside.  Yep SQUIRREL.  lol It chattered at us.  So off we went as quick as possible out the back door.  Sat the bad down and out it ran.  It ran up the huge tree.. Then quickly came back down it, stopped,  looked at us and gave us a talking to. SO either it was super happy it was free again or it was cursing us out for giving it a fright. LOL  Either was I was happy to get it back into its element.  I am pretty sure it was just as happy!.

I also visited King Tut this  month.  It was so interesting.  I had a great time and enjoyed ready about him.   I am going to share a few pics of my visit.  Amazing how much time and thought goes into these tombs.  Everything has meaning.  This is the last time they will be touring.  He will be making his way back to Egypt for his finally resting place.

a KIng


I hope y’all enjoyed my projects and my story!!!


Have a fabulous week.

Until next time!

Tam =)



Beautiful Fall Farmhouse Wreaths


Hello everyone.  I am back with some new Farmhouse makes.  I hope you all enjoy them.  I love the black and white gingham.  I definitely have some future ideas to use not only the black and white gingham but the red and black gingham. a far16

a far5 - Copya gather wreath4

a orange

These are so pretty on a china cabinet.  They are the perfect size to add beautiful charm to your decorating.

a far22

I love the charm of farmhouse decorations.  I hope you all enjoyed them.

Until next time.

See you soon!

Tam =)

OMGOSH FALL is coming =)

MY absolute favorite time of the year….. =)

But most of y’all knew that.   =) ❤ ❤ ❤

Guess what I have been doing?    Uh huh you guessed it!!! Making fall pretties. =)   I am super excited to share my makes with you.   I hope y’all love them.

This pretty little fall basket.

a small fall 2

Up next two unique fun wreaths.  Each one full of beautiful fall colors.

These next two were my favorites.  They scream fall. =)

a new fall8

a fall decor8

a orange


a gather wreath4

I hope y’all enjoyed my makes for this past week.  I enjoyed making them.  I so LOVE fall and I am so looking forward to its arrival.

Have a fabulous week everyone..

Until next time.

Tammy =)