Beach Day

Huntington Beach has a dog beach.    Today I took the dogs out for a beach day.   All in all it was a good day.  My little dogs love going for walks and love the outdoors.  They do not however love the water.  Getting into the water is out of the question.   It was a super nice morning.  It was overcast but not overly cold and it was definitely not as windy as usual.  This made for a very nice day.

a beach day8

Because the tide was low I was able to really find some nice seashells.   All sizes and styles.

I was so excited to actually have found sand dollars.   First time ever!!!!!

a seashell3

I love to make beach art.  Some with my finds.  Some are not.   The Seashells in this wreath were all part of the finds from my last trip to the beach.  I love how they play against the orchids.

a sea6


a beach art1

All in all a very good day for everyone!

Fun filled and relaxing.  I hope you all enjoyed your day and enjoyed your visit.  I sure love having you visit.

Have a fabulous day!!! Until next time.



Non Holiday Crafting

I decided to work on some items that are not holiday related.  =) I enjoyed taking a break from holiday creations and flowers.   Instead I created some cute signs.  I love making signs.  They really are fun and so versatile.

This one drew me because I absolutely love the message.

a blog2

I am super partial to coffee signs too =) So I made a few.   They are absolutely true!!!!  I know coffee sure makes me feel better.  It is my guilty pleasure.

a blog3

a blog4

How about these little farmhouse signs.

a Blog

Teacher Appreciation day is coming up soon.   Last year I did very well with these giftable items.  They can be customized with most teacher names.  I love items of appreciation.

a blog10

In the middle of working away I had play time with the puppykids.   They enjoy being outside.  Their favorite thing to do is root around in the grass and smell things.

Everyone that has read past posts about my Dog babies know that Miss Daisy HATES to be photographed.  Sometimes she lets me know it.

a blog8

MMmhmmm STOP Taking pics of me mom.

I think she showed me! lol.

I hope you all enjoyed the post.   I am always happy to have you all here.

Until next time.

Tam =)

Nursery Dream Catchers

My sister is pregnant.  Yes yes yes I am very excited to be an Aunt again.  I love being Aunt.  I love all my nieces and nephews and spend as much time as I can with them.  It is hard to do at times with all of us in different states.  I cherish all moments I can spend with them.

Last night my sister texted me and asked if I could make a white, teal, and pale pink dream catcher.  I replied, of course I can.  I will get right on it.  That is exactly what I did today.

A Bohobaby

a bohobaby1

Such an easy pretty thing to make.

-Emboirdery hoop

-paint (to paint the hoop)

-crochet doily (use the string to attach it firmly not loosely)

-String to attach doily ( I used a nylon thread)

-Ribbons of your choice

-Embelishments of your choice (flowers, feathers, beads)

-Hot glue

I hope you all enjoyed my make today!



Embroidery Hoop

Today I took an ordinary embroidery hoop and  made a wreath out of it.  It needed a bit of work first though.  I had to stain it.  This made it look rustic and finished which I liked.   I had a group of carrots and a bunny that I knew I wanted to use.  I picked out the burlap ribbon and made a bow.  I had this burlap flower that I really liked so I added it to the bow.   After adding the bow It was now time to pick the flowers.  I had these white tulips that after putting them with what I had already done they are PERFECT.  This was the end result.

a carrot

I made this one too!

a butterfly8

I was on a role so I kept making items.  This little beauty was next.

a egg7

I also had a custom wreath that I had to make for a co-worker.  I love how this one turned out.

A customer wreath

This one is my favorite. I absolutely LOVE sunflowers. It also makes me wish for Summer.

A Sunny

That is it for this weeks makes.  I hope you all enjoyed the post.  Have a fabulous week.. Until next time.  =)




Spring and Easter Wreaths


This was a very good week for me.  I was super productive and I had another good week of sales.

I was able to complete 2 Easter Bunny Wreaths.

a rabbit pink5

This one is my favorite of the 2.  =)  …. See below.

easter bunny wreath

I was also asked to make 3 custom wreaths.  3 spring wreaths.

Home sweet home wreath

Home sweet home wreath1

home sweet home wreath3

I love the Sunflower and bee wreath.  =)

I was also able to complete this cute Farmhouse Bunny Decor.

a farm rabbit5

and last but not least.  The final 3 items.



I hope you are all having a fabulous week.  Thank you so much for visiting and checking out what I have been up to.  I appreciate your visits and love hearing from you.  Until next time! =)


PS:  This is for Mrs. Cobs =)  they aren’t very good pictures. Hopefully you can see it anyways.